Home renovation in Greater Noida

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Home renovation in Greater Noida

Home renovation is the process of remodeling or improving the appearance of the home. It may be the interior such as plumbing, electrical or design work. It may be also the exterior like masonry, roofing, painting, etc. Easy home solutions provide service for home renovation in Greater Noida.

Home renovation is basically done for improving or optimizing the home or making the space more efficient or effective. There is always a goal besides a home renovation idea.

Let’s check out some common goals

The first and most important goal for many home renovation in Greater Noida projects is

  1. Maintaining and repairing Many things come under maintaining and repairing like roof maintenance, bathroom maintenance, painting interior and exterior, Electrical renovation, plumbing renovation and many more.
  2. Home renovation for comfortability To uplift the comfortability of the home different types of home renovation techniques is used like soundproofing bathrooms and bedrooms, improving rooms with luxury elements, improving ventilation and air conditioning systems.
  3. Home renovation to save energy To save energy windows and natural lighting are focused to save energy in the day time and many advanced technologies like solar panels, wind turbines are used.
  4. Home renovation for safety purposes Most of the time home renovation is done to improve the safety of the home and technical instruments are used to optimize the safety of the house.

We at easy home solution the best home renovation in Greater Noida provide all type of home renovation service.

About Us

Easy home solutions is one of the renowned Home renovation and interior designing service provider in Delhi NCR and the head office is in Greater Noida. We are into the business for more than 10 years and have served more than 100 clients in Delhi NCR. 100% of our clients are satisfied with our service.

We are a group of innovative minds eager to take creative challenges and providing wide range of design ideas for developing residential spaces in all over India. We approach each project with a holistic vision! We desire to create cost-effective designing wonders that are reflection of the people living in those spaces. We transform houses into warm & inviting beautiful homes. Our designs are ever evolving and inspiring. We strive towards excellence and becoming the top-most interior design company in the region.
Our goal is to exceed customer expectations and keep building the portfolio of satisfied customers. Our team of expert designers is well-equipped to handle all kinds of projects and assignments.

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[vc_testimonial style=”theme7″ rating=”5_stars” nameclr=”#000000″ profclr=”#000000″ image_id=”3838″ name=”Mr. Siddharth”]They work like professional and they have delivered the project on perfect time. They really understand your requirements and co-operate with your ideas through out the project will recommend easy home solutions to everyone.[/vc_testimonial] [vc_testimonial style=”theme7″ rating=”5_stars” nameclr=”#dd3333″ profclr=”#000000″ image_id=”3836″ name=”Mr. Harpreet Singh”]Their planning and execution was top notch. They designed the dummy approved it from me and delivered it on time. True Gentlemens![/vc_testimonial] [vc_testimonial style=”theme7″ rating=”5_stars” nameclr=”#dd3333″ profclr=”#000000″ image_id=”3834″ name=”Mr. Sushil Joshua”]They are affordable and best. They provided an estimate for my home renovation and then delivered the project at the estimated cost and mainly in time. Thanks to the easy home solutions team.[/vc_testimonial]


How much does it cost to do a home renovation?

Ans – It totally depends on the renovation work and it starts with INR 5000 and goes on and on according to your requirement

How do you renovate a new house?

Ans- To renovate a new house you need to contact any home renovator and then you and your home renovator can discuss on the project.

What is remodeling a house?

Ans – Remodelling a house is improving the house in all aspects and making it more secure and spacious.

What are major home improvements?

Ans – Some of the major improvements are maintaining and repairing the roof, painting interior and exterior, plumbing renovation and Electrical renovation.

What are best home renovation?

Ans – Improving the comfortability by adding luxury elements and improving the ventilation and air conditionong system are some of the best home renovation.

What is the difference between a renovation and remodel?

Ans – In simple words renovation is making some minor changes like painting, bathroom renovation etc while remodel is completely changing the structure and design of the house.

Is it cheaper to remodel or build new?

Ans – It totally depends on the location if the price of plot is low then better build a new one if the price of plot is high then remodel it.

How much i spend on renovation?

Ans – It totally depends on the renovation work and the amount you are willing to invest.

How much should you spend on bathroom renovation?

Ans – It totally depends on you and the renovation work required for the bathrom.

How do you renovate a house on a budget?

Ans – To make it possible new and modern technologies are applied that helps to reduce the cost drastically.

Do you offer free estimations or quotations?

Ans – Yes, we do offer free estimations and quotations to help you out .

How much time you will take to renovate my house?

Ans – Time depends on the amount or renovation work. Basically it takes between 1 to 4 weeks.

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